for your convenience

Cashless payment - the key to higher convenience and higher sales!

Ticket and electronic wallet - integrated into a single RFID card chip. This electronic ticket accompanies the visitor throughout the event (in car park, buffets, dressing room and in the auditorium). This medium does not serve only as an access ID for door or turnstile entry, but it is also a convenient and safe way of paying for services offered to visitors by the stadium, such as snacks and beverages in buffets, souvenir shopping, parking: everything conveniently payed with a smart card.
No paper documents and cash, visitors can fully take advantage of Arena system. Cashless payments are painless and visitors typically consume considerably more. Your sales are growing!
Arena system offers a convenient service for your visitors with additional database management and marketing possibilities.

Fast and flawless - less losses

With safe handling of sales and payments, we help the operator avoid mistakes and prevent cash handling and accounting documents mistakes.
Inconsistencies and cash differences are past because all accounting transactions and reports can be traced and used for management and marketing purposes at any time, so the event flow can be evaluated in real time from different points of view.

You know what's happening - information and evaluation at your fingertips

Be informed at any time about the current state.
Thanks to the new system, you can quickly respond to specific requirements while respecting your system's capacity (parking, buffets and their assortment, tickets, ...)
Plan an optimal workforce. You can decide on the most up-to-date news.
The system will allow you to analyze and manage complex issues in real time, such as visitor flow analysis, analysis of the attractiveness of products and services offered.
Only a team which can make the right decisions at the right time is ready to meet all future requirements.

Our system - Your advantage

» Significant sales acceleration and customer convenience

» The ability to increase productivity, efficiency and competitiveness

» Simple operation - no complicated tasks for employees

» Fast and secure processing of sales and payment data

» Security factor - managing an event organization with a large number of visitors

» Fast field entry operations - simplified traffic control for visitors

» Turnstiles and readers - Robustness and vandal resistance

» System integration of buffets, shops and restaurants for cashless and fast payment processing

» Flexible adjustment of event tariff and price structure

» Arrangement and quick reporting of different event types (football match, concert, etc.)

» Multiple options for ticket types (barcode, QR code, RFID, print@home ticket, smartphone tickets)

» Business data statistics at any time, anywhere

» Extensive marketing tools to keep customers (club cards, bonuses ...)

» Investment safety - Simple Expansion of the System

» Simple integration of third-party systems (ticket sales system, accounting, etc.)

» The highest quality, durability and reliability of products

» Maintenance and user friendliness of the system