Flexible Ticket, Seasonal Card, and Club Card sales system
for stadium entry

The Arena Cash-desk is designed to provide the sale of tickets directly at the stadium.

Arena Ticket Sale Software

main module

» Sell more tickets through "shopping cart" on one account 

» Event selection

» Changes in ticket sale properties at any stage 
of sale 

» Ticket sales using various media

» Payment type choice (cash or non-cash payment) 

» Color seat distinction (free, at the stage of sale, sold, assigned permanent seats, not applicable)

» Interim, daily and interval financial statement reporting, deposit and cash withdrawals reporting 

» Sector, row and seat selection

Optional modules

of Arena Ticket Sale Software
Arena View
optional module

» playground view from spectator's selected sector displayed on a secondary monitor

Arena Personal
optional module

» ticket sales with name assignement, personal data privacy under valid legislation
» Ticket transfer control: ticket sale coupled with a fan photo taken from a desk-top camera at the cash desk. Conformity check of an incoming fan image taken from a camera in entry control terminal with a photo of the fan who purchased the ticket

Arena Web Sale
optional module

» Ticket sales through the club's Web site. Sector, row, seat selection
» Payment type choice (credit club card, bank card account)
» Ticket purchase confirmation in the form of a paper ticket for printing, SMS with QR code for smartphones

Arena Parking
optional module

» parking entry and payment with entry tickets

Arena Cashless
optional module

» cashless system
» automatic cash rechargers
» IPOS terminals

Arena Cashback*
optional module

» Feature which adds to the fan club's credit card a defined part of the bonus when making purchase in a buffet

* Upcoming...

Arena Kiosk
optional module

Buffet Cash desk
» web app
» All-in-one / tablet as cash desk
» goods sale
» stock
» overviews
» sales
» balance reporting

Arena API
optional module

» data transfer to third-party systems, tailor-made extension

Arena Ticketing Software

System Administration

Arena Ticketing allows administrators to manage events, create different stadium layouts, create and correct pricing, activate sales channels for external vendors, define sales active time

Arena Ticketing features

» administration enabled by authorized service (login password)

» create / edit ticket and seasonal ticket prices for events and for each spectator seat and category

» user administration with role assignement

» create seasonal ticket groups (e.g. seasonal, play-off, etc.) and for defined spectator categories

» enter the names of the events, their beginnings and endings, choosing pricelists and groups of seasonal tickets

» select seasonal tickets with allowed entry to a defined event

» enter ticketing times

» assign an external sales vendor to a sales channel, set the method and time of sale 

» select the logical layout of the stadium